Keji Adeniyi

You as a player: I am a player who Lives and breathes football and has been playing since the age of 5 years old. The game is my passion and I try to cherish every moment when I'm playing.My main positions are both wings and strike and I have played as a fullback and centre back on many occasions of my career. I am a player who plays for my team and will do anything to win even if it is playing in a position I'm not use to the best I can. I believe in hard work and dedication to your craft and I also have my own mentality of not being satisfied with what I can already do and always aiming for better to improve myself as well as having a humble approach in and outside of football. My best attributes in particular are my Dribbling, Shooting, Attacking Heading and Pace. I love to score goals and this is shown through my own achievements of scoring 18 or more goals in a season consecutively since I was 9 which I know has gotten harder as I got older but is a challenge for myself I love, making the game more enjoyable for me. I am not easily phased and I try to keep motivated all the time as well as trying to be the best in everything I do and am always ready for new challenges in life and in football.

Nationality: British

DOB: 11/3/1999

Previous Clubs: Bedfont Eagles, Ashford Town, Brentford Elite Development

Current Clubs: None

SAT: 890 

Drivers License: No

Checkbox: GCSE, BTEC

Position: RM, LM, FW

Football Reference: Ryan Peters

Football Reference Number: 07903033556

Character Reference: Scott Ruttley

Character Reference Number: 07456456123

Trials: Brentford Elite Development Trial x2 occassions
Soccer Smart Trial- April 30th

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