You as a player: I am a creative player who can play anywhere on the back line; CB, RB/LB, CDM. I play very smart tactically and offer support for my attacking players when they are under pressure. I scan the field well to find the best available pass to set my team up for a counter attack or to keep possession in certain situations. I am a possessive soccer player but also love to drive downfield to offer crosses, support, 1on1 play and quick movement. Vocally, I am a very loud and instructive player to let my teammates know where pressure is, where to turn and possible passes. I construct my defense and make sure they hold their line or drop back to offer support for a player making a run. Physically I am strong to hold my ground and play tactically well defensively. I'm a quick player that can recover from out of position players and make quick runs down the line. Technically I have a great first touch to set myself up to play forward. I play quick 1 touch and 2 touch soccer but also can be a deadly force with the ball moving forward. Tactically, I always rewatch games to see what i need to improve on as a player to make corrections in those game situations. I am a constructive leader that makes sure to always improve the teammates around me.

Nationality: American

DOB: 11/21/1997

Previous Clubs: i2i International Soccer Academy
Wayne Rovers (NOSL)
CPL (Columbus Premier League)
Nyack College
Arsenal SC Zanesville

Current Clubs: Wayne Rovers NOSL
Columbus Premier League

Drivers License: Yes

Qualifications: Undergraduate

Position: RB

Football Reference: Tim Louis

Football Reference Number:

Character Reference: Rich Taylor

Character Reference Number:

Koen Riehl