Korey Cocking


Name: Korey Cocking

You as a player: I’ve been playing football since I was 7 years old and I knew that it was something that I wanted to pursue in my life. I am a player that never likes to loose and will do anything to win, I am one who never stops running to win the ball back always making runs into space and always trying to give and receive the ball of other players. Also I am that type of player that likes to get my assists, I am also a goal scorer but assists mean more to me then a goal. I Have also got a voice on the pitch always talking to players, I am a dedicated young football player that will give anything to my team for us to win as much as we can in matches and even in training.

Nationality: White/ British

DOB: 6/5/1999

Previous Clubs: I’ve played for Sheffield United development squad and then moved to Sheffield rangers F.C. for 4 year then eventually moved onto Sheffield Wednesday programme futsal/football for 1 year then went to penistone church F.C. semi pro, I also got a scholarship in America and I’ve played for Srusa for 4 month playing some games.

Current Clubs: City knights F.C., soccer smart Spanish academy

Drivers License: No

Qualifications: GCSE

Position: LM, CM, FW


Football Reference: Micheal Allen

Football Reference Number:

Character Reference: Ellie Kent

Character Reference Number: 07747677793