Kwame Appiah

You as a player: My strength is in my speed. I can usually beat most players on the field to the ball. I love the ball played into space. Not the most skillful but i take on players with pace. Strong on the ball, working on using my strength to increase my ability to retain the ball. Can play either 9, 7, or 11 comfortably. 10 is a new role for me, and i'm just getting used to it. I look for the shot first before the pass. but am as willing to share it as i am to score on my own. I can play a good long ball but never need to in my positions. Dead ball specialist for crosses, not so much for shots.

Nationality: American

DOB: 3/31/1990

Previous Clubs: Philadelphia Fury, Delaware Stars, Kirkwood U23, Kagerods Boif, Philadelphia Atoms

Current Clubs: Fc Frederick

Drivers License: Yes

Qualifications: Undergraduate

Position: CM, FW


Football Reference: Richard Ainscough

Football Reference Number:

Character Reference: Matthew Bik

Character Reference Number: 8569828207