Lucio Peralta

You as a player: I am a hardworking player that will run in a full 90min game if needed. I play aggressive and always get stuck in. Also im a technical player that will do my best to make the correct decisions in crucial moments. I do my best to make good firm passes and always try to do something positive. I never put my head down if my team is down, i will still put in a good fight. I like to be vocal and communicate with my team, I'm always trying to motivate my teammates. Another thing is that i like to be a leader on the field not just by talking but doing positive things on the field. If i cant find my way out of a play ill do my best to get out of it by dribbling or playing a quick one two. I am the type of player that will always pass the ball forward and always trying to be a dangerous player. If my team needs me to go back and defend i will, or if they need me to attack then i will as well. I do my best to make the best forward passing that i can. Ill try my best to win the ball back or put lots of pressure on the other team. I like to pressure high and try to make the defence to make mistakes. I like to penetrate the weak spots on the defence and capitalise. 

Nationality: American

DOB: 2/14/1995

Previous Clubs: Quest Youth soccer Club- 12 years, SCFC- 4 years, Texans FC- 2 years Houston Hurricanes Fc(semi pro) 3 years

Current Clubs: No club

Drivers License: Yes

Qualifications: Undergraduate

Position: RM, CM, FW


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