Luke Murphy

You as a player: I play as a striker. I'm quick and I have a good centre of gravity so I can find it quite easy to get past people and turn easily with the ball. I'm right footed but my left is quite good too as I spent a lot of time playing with both. I can play on the wings as well if necessary do as much as I can for the team. I enjoy scoring goals its what made me fall in love with football when I was younger and I still have the taste for it now. I work hard and give 100% which is what I always will do on the pitch. I have also played a lot of Futsal which I felt helped me when I was younger to get more comfortable with dribbling and trying some basic skills. So I do not use skills all the time just sometimes if I need to I can do some tricks that I forgot I could do to get out or get myself into a nice position. I have the right amount of greed. I know when to pass and hold the ball up and bring others in and I know when I can turn my defender and get at the defence with pace and one on ones there is usually only one winner.

Nationality: English

DOB: 9/12/1994

Previous Clubs: Croft JFC
Swindon Town Futsal

Current Clubs: Uffington FC

Drivers License: Yes

Checkbox: GCSE, BTEC

Position: RM, LM, FW

Twitter: lukemurphyy_

Football Reference: Luke Sharpe

Character Reference: John Gallagher

Character Reference Number: 07713333110

Trials: 5th June - Birmingham

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