Marc McFadyen

You as a player: As a player i see myself as a natural leader on the pitch. I make sure my team never lose focus, I'm very good with both feet and constantly looking to improve on my left foot. I make sure my team are constantly working hard off and on the ball, I motivate my team constantly and I strive for victory, I want to win, and most importantly i want to develop as a player, I want to be the best and no matter what, I work on my skills whenever i have the free time. I am a player who is very quick, I have a very fast acceleration and pace, this helps me when I break on a counter attack. My stamina is really high, I constantly work on my sprinting up and down the pitch to support the attack and the defence. I am a clinical finisher, when i get my chance to shoot my efforts are high. I am a very passionate football player. My standards are very high and I have no intention to slack when training or playing my games, every time I have a ball at my feet i give 100%, no matter what I strive to succeed as a player and for my club. My passion for football is something special to me, football is everything to my life, I live for football everyday and no matter what I just want to be surrounded in football for the rest of my life. In football games, I want myself but also my team to do the best we can, my team and I will always motivate each other to become the best we can. As a player I am very adaptable to situations. For example, if my coach changes formations and requires me to be moved out of my position to benefit the needs of the team, then I always adhere to this. I am able to maintain a high level of concentration throughout a 90 minute game, because of my focus and my determination as I always want to succeed. After a football match depending on the results of the match. I sit down and i think what myself or the team could have done better or what we done well as a team to maintain or differ the final result. Tactically my knowledge of the game is very good, i can read the game very well. I have attended SFA C licence courses with my older brother and participated as a runner, this has developed my own tactical experience of football and made me more aware of game like situations that could happen. Overall, I'm a very driven football player who always wants to win and aim to do as best as I can for myself and more importantly, the team. I'll always look to as much training as I can to give me the best chance to succeed.

School Grades: English C , maths - standard


Nationality: Scottish

DOB: 4/10/2000

Previous Clubs: Liethen Vale 2006 - 2009
Peebles FC 2011 - 2014
Hutchison Vale 2014 - 2015
Tynecastle 2015 - 2016
North Merchiston 2016 - 2017

Selkirk FC U20 -( 2017-2018)

Tweeddale rovers - (2018-2018)

Current Clubs: Gala Fairydean Ams

Drivers License: Yes

Checkbox: GCSE, A Level

Position: RM, LM, FW