Maxwell Brown.

About Yourself.
I am a young aspiring footballer who has had a good football upbringing, i have been at top level clubs such as Manchester United, Manchester City etc. I am currently at The ProFootballAcadmay which is a set up joined in with Stockport County FC, where i currently play for the Stockport County reserve team. My position is in a central midfield role, whether it is a holding midfield role or an attacking midfield role i feel i have the ability and the knowledge to apply myself to play in both to apply myself to play in anywhere in a central midfield role. For me personally as a player i feel that my strengths are within my technical ability, i have got the ability to go past players as i am a good dribbler of the ball and also have good feet and good get out tricks to be able to get past players. I am also a good passer of the ball my vision is an important part of this, i have the vision to be able to see all the runners and available passes around me, i feel i then have good decision making to then choose weather to play a cutting pass to create a chance or weather i am better off playing a more simple pass to keep the ball. I also have a very good understanding of the game i look into the game tactically in a lot of detail and it is also something that i enjoy to do i feel that this gives me a good understanding of the game. I also feel that i have the ability to score goals from a more advanced midfield position as i feel that i am a good finsisher infornt of goal but also have the ability to score goals from outside the box.
Also another thing that enables me to go out and put good performances in consistantly is my mentality, i am not often fazed by the occasion weather i am playing in a Under 18's game or Reserve game i still go into the game with the same mentality to make sure that i put a goood performance in whatever the occasion.

Previous Clubs.
Manchester United.
Manchester City.
Stockport County.
Macclesfield Town.

Current Club.
Stockport County Under Reserves.

Preferred Position.
Right Midfield, Left Midfield, Forward.



Drivers License.

Football Reference.
Alan Lord.

Football Reference Number.

Character Reference.
Jacci Cooper.

Character Reference Number.

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