Matthew Kurtz


You as a player: In one word, I would describe my play as “confident”. As a CB, I keep everyone in rhythm and calm with my presence on the ball and simple, decisive passes. Although I play quick, I pride myself on never ever losing the ball with my passing or simple dribbling excursions from the back. I never back down from a good, physical tackle and rarely get beat on one-on-one defending occasions. At 6’1, I am always challenging the play in the air and rarely lose the physical battle. At last, I would just say I am a smart, hardworking individual on and off the field. I can ping a 60 yard ball, or play simple and posses with confidence. I will always be the first out on the pitch, and the last to leave working on my craft to ensure I deserve a spot out on the field with the squad. For each team I have been apart of in my life in any sport, I have been voted captain by my team and coaches. I pride myself to be a positive leader and example for my teammates on and off the pitch.

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Nationality: American

DOB: 10/4/1991

Previous Clubs: Las Vegas Premier 92' (Youth)
Ogden Outlaws (PDL)
USA University Team (World University Games)

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Current Clubs: BYU Cougars (College/PDL)

Drivers License: Yes

Qualifications: Undergraduate

Academic Results: BS Psychology (BYU)

Position: CB, RB, CM

Twitter: MattKurty

Football Reference: Brandon Gilliam

Football Reference Number: 8017357756

Character Reference: Tom Porrello

Character Reference Number: 7023757321