You as a player: I am a defensive minded midfield. i was called the engine in the midfield because i would not stop running and i was a pest to my opponent. I would never give on a play and would try to be dangerous. I am a vocal player who loves to talk on the field. I would help coordinate and organise the midfield. I also love to attack at times and can be dangerous in the final third. I can win fifty fifty ball in the air and also on the ground when needed. i can read the game very well and understand a players game quickly. I have a very high work rate as well. when we lose the ball i would work very hard to win it back for my team. I am also very good with the ball and make the right decisions and also know when to take chances when need be. I am a strong player and a versatile player as well. I am good with my feet and can move in the midfield with the ball and can make the dangerous plays when needed. I am also a dynamic player meaning i can play multiple positions. I can also play winger, forward and wing back as well.

Nationality:  American

DOB: 10/3/1995

Previous Clubs: N/A

Current Clubs: Glen Cove Avelino First Team

Drivers License: Yes

Qualifications: Undergraduate

Position:  RB, RM, CM, FW

Football Reference: 

Football Reference Number:

Character Reference: Timothy Strout

Character Reference Number: 6317577936

Matthew Strout