Matthew Walton

You as a player: I am a player who enjoys the job for everything it is worth. I have worked hard studying other players, my best attribute is vision on the field, I get my team involved in the game team come first in my book. I play outside back also known as the 3 spot. I am a right and left footed player prefer to be on the left side. I enjoy the passing game with some dribbling I try not to be to fancy with the ball unless I'm feeling confident. I'm pretty humble guy and treat others how I want to be treated both on and off the field. Play hard in practice to prepare for the games.

Nationality: American

DOB: 1/16/1988

Previous Clubs: Ottawa University

Springfield Demize (Folded)

Current Clubs: None

Drivers License: Yes

Checkbox: GCSE, A Level, BTEC, Undergraduate

Position: RB

Football Reference: N/A

Football Reference Number: N/A

Character Reference: Joe Funicello

Character Reference Number: 2036041211

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