Matthew Hoare

First choice Right Wing but capable of playing both Left Wing and Striker positions. Key attributes of speed and accuracy, I am naturally right footed but also very confident to play a lot of the football on my left foot as well this is a great benefit to me. My mind set of the game is very good as I am able to read situations or know what play might be happening during the game this is when attacking but also defending when tracking back. I am a very direct player and like the ball to feet to be able to attack at players in 1v1 situations to create opportunities for either myself or my team mates but then I'm willing to get in behind fall backs with balls over the top as my pace is a great strength to me.i feel I am a good team player as in a team you got to work together and encouragement plays a vital part so I always go in to a game and throughout the whole 90 minutes with a positive attitude to keep myself and the teams head constantly on the game.

SAT Result: N/A

Nationality: British

DOB: 10/08/1998

Previous Clubs: Avon Athletic U9's to U13's
Bristol Rovers Academy U14's
Stoke Lane U15's to U16's

Current Clubs: Bristol Manor Farm FC

Drivers License: Yes

Checkbox: "GCSE"

Position: RB/RM

Football Reference: Gerry Leigh-Gilchrist

Football Reference Number: 447742829135

Character Reference: Chris Shearwood

Character Reference Number: 447742829135

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