Morad Mallouk

You as a player: Very technical centre midfielder that has competed in the 3rd division in Spain. A composed player with the ability to drive and press forward, very intelligent with the ball and still young enough at 20 years old to develop into an outstanding player. Very limited English level therefore it is important that the club offer will accommodate a player that doesn't have the greatest English speaking level.

Nationality: Marocain

DOB: 11/24/1996

Previous Clubs: Tarrega, juvenil preferente
Almacelles - 1 catalana
Tarrega 3 division

Current Clubs: Tarrega

Drivers License: Yes

Checkbox: GCSE

Position: CM, FW

Football Reference: Morad Mallouk

Football Reference Number:

Character Reference: Hassania Mallouk

Character Reference Number: 674526527

Trials: 1 vez

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