The Service

Soccer Smart provides all players with a unique, one to one and affordable service at all times We strive to achieve no less than the best possible scholarships for our recruits at great US Universities or semi-professional or professional contracts in Australia, we also promise to take care of our players throughout the full consultancy process.
We understand that playing Soccer overseas is a huge decision to make therefore, we want a relationship not only with our players but also their families too. We want the families to be able to ask questions about their sons and get a detailed response of their progress. 
If this wasn't enough our consultancy offers each of our players the opportunity to work within our company as a 'Smart' consultant'. We understand that when players come home in the Summer and Christmas seasons they may find it difficult to get a job or earn money. Therefore, we offer part time work for you as a consultant, giving you the chance to scout players and earn money in the process.

How we do it:

  • We will find a college scholarship or team placement for you

  • Set up an affordable payment plan for you.

  • We register you on the SAT Test and provide past papers for study

  • Individual edited player highlights (videos)

  • Players are promoted to our extensive network of overseas soccer coaches

  • Personal support throughout your overseas experience

  • Exposure to online player profiling to be viewed by 1000's of coaches

  • Offer intensive fitness programs

  • One to one parent meetings

  • Regular meeting with you

  • Regular contact with potential teams and managers

  • We will negotiate the best possible deal for you at the standard that suits your ability.