Nikita Pyatetskiy

You as a player: I started playing football at the age of 5 in Russia. At 7 years old I went Spain to live with my family and there I started playing football more seriously. I played all my life in a good teams in Spain, so I think I'm an experienced player. Also I know well the Spanish football, since childhood I have improved my technique, so I think I'm a technical player. Also I'm very multipurpose, I can play like a midfielder, fullback and center back. I'm good with both legs. Also I love football and that makes that every train session and match I enjoy it to the maximum.

SAT Result: 930

Nationality: Russian

DOB: 2/12/1999

Previous Clubs: FCBarcelona Academy (U7-U10)
UD Santes Creus 9(U10-U13) - Second team of CF Reus Deportiu ( Spanish second division club)
Cambrils Unio FC(U14) - Infantil Preferent (second best division U14)
UD Salou (U15) - Cadete Preferente (second best division U15)
Cambrils Unio FC (U16-U18) - Juvenil preferente (3th best division U18)

Current Clubs: Bethany Lutheran College (Mankato, Minneapolis)

Drivers License: No

Qualifications: Undergraduate

Position: RB, LF, CB, CM

Twitter: niikiita23

Football Reference: Rob Pipal

Football Reference Number: 15073826827

Character Reference: Samuel Duran

Character Reference Number: 15078297938