You as a player: I am a left back who likes to defend hard, possess the ball, and get into the attack. I pride myself on being as technical as possible while still being a defender. Playing kick and run has and never will be part of my playing style. I love to touch the ball, play with my teammates, and get as many passes to break down the opponent. Getting into the attack in today's game is very important and I try to provide other attacking options for my teammates going forward.

Nationality: American

DOB: 09/25/1995

Previous Clubs: FCA Darmstadt 04

Current Clubs: Not Attached

Drivers License: Yes

Qualifications: Undergraduate

Position: LB LM, CM

Football Reference: Jacob Fitzgerald

Football Reference Number: 9785129397

Character Reference: Alexander Long

Character Reference Number: 2484941729

Noah Teperow