Ousmane Dieng

You as a player: I'm a speedy player, very fast. I'm sometimes deployed as a forward, more often on the wings, and I take more attacking role than a typical midfielder. I'm a quick, powerful, energetic, and agile player who possesses great ball control and dribbling skills, which makes me a very direct player. Playing from the left allows me to cut in onto my right foot to shoot but more often then not I love assisting goals so I assist more than I shoot the ball. Although in a 4–4–2 formation, I can take on a more central role, but my previous team has played 4-3-3 most of the time where I started on the wings but I like to switch from side to side to make something happen rather than being a statue. I'm right footed but I use my left a lot specially when dribbling. Both feet work well. And i have to mention, i hate losing at anything. It eats me up. I have an obsession with trophies.

Nationality: Senegalese and American

DOB: 5/5/1997

Previous Clubs: Manhattan Soccer Club, Connecticut College,

Current Clubs: Connecticut College

Drivers License: No

Qualifications: Undergraduate

Position: RM, LM, CM, FW

Football Reference: Wilson Egidio

Football Reference Number: 19178461052

Character Reference: Bass Sarr

Character Reference Number: 16462557756

Trials: FC Tokyo