Pedro Soriano

You as a player: I define myself as a tactical, smart and goal player. My game is based to play at first touch, create spaces for teammates and take advantages to attack.
I have a nice strong muscle condition playing since 6 years old. I love to play as we do in Spain. Normally, I play in the midfield, I'm left-footed and I can play in both sides with freedom. Nevertheless, I used to play as a forward striker but nowadays I have improved my soccer skills and the team prefer me as a playmaker. 

Nationality: Spanish

DOB: 11/13/1993

Screen Shot 2018-09-03 at 08.14.53.png

Previous Clubs: - Pla Alicante
- CE Sabadell FC
- University Alicante Soccer team
-Alisala Soccer Indoor
- Miami United

Current Clubs: Soccer Smart Academy.

Drivers License: Yes


Position: LM