Raihan Azim

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You as a player: As a player one of two best abilities are my speed and eye for a pass. I can play a wide range of positions from attack to defense, very adaptable to my coaches needs and always willing to learn new ways to improve my game. I have a hunger to win and a fire within myself which expects nothing but 100% from myself in training and games. I can genuinely say that I am in love with the game of football, I consider myself a student of the game and want to develop to be the best footballer I can be. I'm a player who takes mistakes from games and trainings and I find ways to improve myself in those areas that I lack. I'm a very outgoing individual and that really helps get a long with my team mates and coaching staff. All in all I am a footballer who can fit into any team structure and play a vital part in the role I am given and you will get best in every training and match.


Nationality: Fijian/Indian

DOB: 2/28/1998

Previous Clubs: Ellerlsie AFC, Central UTD, Wilson College

Current Clubs: Ellerlsie AFc

Drivers License: Yes

Qualifications: GCSE

Position: RB, RM, LM, CM, FW


Football Reference: Mark Holt

Football Reference Number: 0210663238

Character Reference: Mark Holt

Character Reference Number: 0210663238