Samantha Joy 

About Yourself: I have experience as a vocal team leader in many different competitive environments with the ability to constructively direct my teammates as play develops. I am also able to recognize and anticipate situations as they develop pertaining to ball distribution, individual defending, and defending as a unit. I convey a positive attitude both on and off the field along with trying to positively motivate my teammates. I am composed and confident with the ball at my feet, and I am able to read the play as it develops and put the ball where it needs to be. I also have a strong aerial presence on both the attacking and defensive end, and I am a strong and patient defender. I am also able to accurately strike a ball over distance from a dead ball situation or during the run of play.

Previous Clubs: Knoxville Lady Force (2016)
Knoxville Soccer Academy Super-20 (2015)
Knoxville Soccer Academy (2012-2014)
Clinton High School (2010-2012)
Soccer Club of Oak Ridge (2009-2012)
Knoxville Football Club (2006-2009)
J.B. Marine Soccer Club (2002-2006)

Current Club: Milligan College (2014-Present)

Preferred Position: Centre Back

DOB: 6/20/1996

Nationality: American

Drivers License: Yes

Academics: Undergraduate

Twitter: @samijoyous16

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