Scott Mew

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You as a player: I am 6'3" and weigh 85 kilos or 185 pounds. I can use both my left and right foot, but I am right foot dominant. My 1 rep max for bench is 275 pounds and my 1 rep max for squat is 425. I can run a 5.5 second forty meter dash and my 100 meter dash is 10.9 seconds. I can run a mile in 5:12 and 2 miles in 11:20. I can play a variety of positions but I have typically stuck more on the attacking side of the pitch and the attacking side of midfield, but I can easily play in the back four or defensive midfield. I am very coachable and I work hard, as all of my coaches can attest to. I have lived in several countries; including France, England, Germany, America, and Australia, I speak several languages and can easily adapt to new surroundings and teams. I came to America to play in college where I was converted from a defensive midfielder to a winger due to my speed and clinical finishing, I formed a formidable trident with two other forwards from Jamaica where we ravished a number of teams due to our speed and ability to interchange quickly and play each others positions. I have a lot of endurance and will hunt down a player and ball if I lose it, even if that means running from the striker position all the way back to my own goal. I model myself after Cristiano Ronaldo, due to his admirable work and skill, Francesco Totti because of his leadership and clinical finishing, and Bastian Schweinsteiger because of his ability to read the game and control it. I am a hard worker and will give my all every day, I am a tenacious player and will not give up until the final whistle. I like to believe that I hold myself in a selfless nature and always hold a team above myself.

Nationality: Australian

DOB: 7/27/1995

Previous Clubs: Brisbane Roar Academy
Toowoomba Football Club
Golden Gol Futbol Club
Hendersonville High School
Union College
Knoxville Force
Charlotte Eagles
Lexington United Football Club

Current Clubs: East Coast United, Lexington League

Drivers License: Yes

Qualifications: Undergraduate

Academic Results (if you are going to America):

Position: LM, CM, FW

Twitter: scottmew

Football Reference: Charlton James Hopkins

Football Reference Number:

Character Reference: Alex Smith

Character Reference Number: 1