Sean Cooney

You as a player: 6 foot

My Main/ Best position is Centre Midfield in the number 8 role box to box as i am a very energetic player. I am also equally defensively and offensively minded as i can play both Centre Back and Striker. My tactical awareness and football IQ is good enough to allow me to play in these positions. I can play with both feet and have been so since i was just a kid. To this day i don't know which is my better foot. 1. CM 2. CDM 3. CB 4. ST 

I am quite strong on and off the ball. My energy on the field is only as good as my fitness. My fitness is at a good standard now but i aim to have an engine similar to that of a James Milner or a Luka Modric. I have always had a very good strike of the ball with both feet also since i was young. My work rate is something not to question as i have always had a mindset and have grown up with being a hard worker in anything i do. To get far or to get anywhere in football you need to sacrifice and to put in hard work. I am willing and ready to fight for my place to make it as a professional football player and stay that way until my body gives up.

I am very good at set pieces with both feet both from indirect and direct free kicks aswell as corner kicks from both sides with both feet too. I am also very good in the air with my height and power. I have a very keen eye for goal myself aswell as being able to pick out at a pass in the final 3rd. I assist more than i score but when i score its usually a worldy in a big game. Most of my goals are scored outside of the box and are mainly from volleys. I have scored a few headers too over the years too. Most of my assists have come from crosses while the ball is in play. 

The best part of my game however is my passing ability which include range, power, accuracy and timing. I know when to speed up and slow down the game when neccessary. I am a firm believer in controlled possession and also in fast counter attacking football. Most of the time i want to play the ball forward but i know when to delay that pass and be patient with build up play.

SAT Result: 990

Nationality: Irish

DOB: 7/24/1996

Previous Clubs: Portlaoise FC 2000-2003
Durrow FC 2004-2009
Abbeyleix FC 2010-2016

Current Clubs: Free agent currently waiting for the right offer from a club to take me under their wing and further improve me as a player and as a professional both on and off the pitch.

Drivers License: Yes

Qualifications: A Level

Academic Results (if you are going to America): I have attended 2 colleges in America. 2016 i was in Miami and 2017 i was in Iowa. Unfortunately i have had a bad run financially as in Miami my scholarship went from paying 8000$ for a year to them not finding us on their school scholarship system and asking for 40000$ for a year in college so i had to go home a few days later. I was waiting 2 years for that F1 visa from the college aswell and i found out i would have to leave on the 2nd day there. 

In Iowa i done really well academically and in the football. My G.P.A was 3.45 and i was told after the last game i would receive a full scholarship for the remainder of my time there. However on the 2nd last day there myself and the whole team had a meeting and they told us that there will be no more funding for the soccer as the money went towards the baseball as a reward for winning the nationals yet again. 

Currently in college acquiring my soccer coaching badges and Personal Training qualifications.

Position: CB, CM, FW


Football Reference: Philip Anthony Philipou

Football Reference Number: 676626546

Character Reference: Giedrius Liambutis

Character Reference Number: 0857198074

Trials: UK Football Trials 23/12/2017
PSC Combine Chicago 7th-9th July 2018
Soccer Smart Spain Academy 1st-14th December 2018