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USA Soccer scholarships are incredible opportunities which provide you with a platform to play on a football scholarships USA against other colleges and universities whilst gaining a degree and having a chance to live the well renowned college lifestyle... Find out is you are eligible for a USA soccer scholarship

From experience the Soccer Smart team can tell you that few things can match the experience you will get for a wide range of reasons. football scholarships USA are comprehensive packages where you get a percentage of your costs covered in the form of the scholarship dependant on your ability. Soccer Smart on average achieve above 76% soccer scholarship packages for student-athletes. Thousands are given out to players from around the world (several being our own!) each year so making sure that you get the best possible one is vital and is something that Soccer Smart have a wealth of knowledge and experience in.

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The college lifestyle is phenomenal in the States. You’ll be living, playing and socialising with people from all around the world, ranging from Jamaica to Germany. Soccer scholarships provide a platform to compete with other colleges all around America which can put you in a good position for finding a team after college if you put the work in. Have a look at Luke Mulholland. The Preston born midfielder went through the college system at Wingate University between 2007 and 2010 ending up with him signing for third division USL Pro club Wilmington Hammerheads. From here he progressed rapidly culminating in him signing for Real Salt Lake and being a key player since he signed in 2014!

For those wanting a soccer scholarship in the USA that are from Europe the climate will also be a boost, though not at first. From experience the Soccer Smart team had underestimated how much the weather in the States would affect the standard of their play in the first month or two. It’s essential to make sure that if you want one of these incredible scholarships that you’re prepared physically.

It’s also crucial to remember that whilst you’re having your costs partially paid for you must have a focus on the academic side of your scholarship. To get a soccer scholarship in the USA we recommend having five GCSE’s graded C and above. This will put you in a good position going into the SAT’s that will determine whether you make the grade, literally. When out there you must be hitting the targets set for academically otherwise you won’t be allowed to play. This is a fair trade off considering what will be provided for you in terms of the sporting infrastructure and college life.

You could be playing in a college stadium (See Louisville's new $16m ground below!) with thousands of fans each week cheering you on…

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