Play Soccer in Gibraltar? Reasons you should be involved...

There are some brilliant and unique opportunities to play soccer in Gibraltar! For those that do not know, Gibraltar is a British Overseas Territory located on the southern end of the Spain. It is around 7km in size and is home to around 30,000 people. Most importantly there are some great soccer opportunities in Gibraltar!

With Gibraltar being the size it is, there is just one 5,000 seater stadium which from experience is an incredible ground which you will be playing on. There are just two divisions in Gibraltar (Gibraltar Premier and Gibraltar Second Division) with 20 teams making up the two leagues. What you may find exciting about playing soccer in Gibraltar is that champions will enter the UEFA Champions League and the Rock Cup winners will enter the UEFA Europa League qualifying rounds. Sounds incredible doesn’t it!?

From a non-playing view the lifestyle is great out in Gibraltar. The climate is excellent as you would expect and with the peninsula being just a few miles wide you will be living just up the road in mainland Spain, where you will encounter the phenomenal Spanish lifestyle that some of you will have enjoyed before.

Soccer in Gibraltar is a new venture for Soccer Smart but from experience we highly recommend it as there is so much to enjoy on and off the pitch!