Why is playing in on a soccer scholarship in the USA potentially a better option than staying in the UK?

A soccer scholarship in the USA potentially a better option than staying in the UK?

As I am writing this blog, my thoughts go back to my career as an 18 year old in the UK. I had just finished my time at Morecambe Football Club and did not receive a pro. Of course, I had options available to me but playing football in the UK seemed like a distant dream. I was always used to playing U18’s football and the transition into the adult game would probably mean a few seasons in non-league.


Naturally, I did not want to play non-league football, it was part-time and I had been playing full-time so this is what I wanted to continue. My only option was to go to abroad on a USA soccer scholarship, this way I would have the best of everything and I will explain why:


My options at the time in the world of UK football:


  • Play in non-league football and earn around £50 per week (for an 18 year old this would have been realistic)

  • Be employed or do and apprenticeship

  • Or go to University with the knowledge of having close to £40,000 debt once I graduate

  • Play part-time football - training after work on Tuesday/Thursday and playing Saturday afternoons

  • Play in front of 100-200 fans per week


My Options in the USA soccer scholarship:

  • Train and play full-time football for the next 4 years

  • Receive $30,000 per year in soccer scholarship

  • Have accommodation, food, tuition, degree, hotels, restaurants, travel, kit and much more provided through my scholarship

  • Travel America

  • Play with players from USA, Germany, Spain, Guatelmala, Mexico, Sweden, Cameroon, Switzerland, Trinidad and Tobago and many more….]

  • Graduate with a degree of my choice with no debt at all

  • Play in front of 500-1000 fans per week (Some Universities go upto 6000 fans per game)

  • Play in a stadium week in week out


It was clear to me what the best option was and I used a USA scholarship company to get myself out there, looking back it was very simple, I attended a UK football trial and then the company helped me with offers in the USA.


Over the years there have been a number of players that have made the transition from the UK to the USA and have made their mark in the USA, a very good friend of Soccer Smart’s, Luke Mulholland, has made it all the way and it now competing with the likes of Steven Gerrard and Frank Lampard. Some of the Soccer Smart players had the chance to meet Luke Mulholland over Christmas and got to ask him a few questions about his career, an obvious perk of being part of the Soccer Smart program.

Luke Mulholland against a certain somebody!

Luke Mulholland against a certain somebody!


As brief as this blog may be, I hope it gives you an insight into why the addition 4 years of full-time development on a USA soccer scholarship would be beneficial for UK players.

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