Why attend a Pro Soccer Combine - College Soccer 101

There are a total of 60 professional teams in the United States: 22 in the MLS, 30 in the USL and only 8 in the NASL. After college, if you are not selected into one of these teams the extent of your game turns back to Sunday league teams where the competition is low and you’re lucky if there is one practice a week. You’re back to training with a few other players that have similar mindsets and find yourself spending a lot of time passing against a wall. Many players get stuck in soccer purgatory; if they are not drafted, they begin to see how difficult the process is.


This is why it is important to attend a pro combine; it allows you to be seen by other agents and professionals who have more direct contacts to clubs not only in the U.S. but also across the world! As a player, you’ll find that professional leagues are littered across the globe. For example, in the Spanish third tier alone, there are a total of 80 senior teams! That’s more than the entire US in one country and in one tier alone. Coaches, agents and scouts love to find a diamond in the rough, and that is exactly what pro combines can offer.