New Accreditation from the Athletic Scholarship Association

We are proud to announce that we are the first company to be accredited in the UK by the Athletic Scholarship Association.

The association is the first of its kind to accredit the well being of players that go through scholarship consultancies in the UK and worldwide.

Many of you reading this may be thinking of the opportunity to get a soccer scholarship in the USA or even play anywhere else in the world. With many companies offering this service you want to know that the company you use is accredited and your investment in your future is protected.

Many consultancies within the industry charge between £1000-£2500, this for most is a lot of money and for you as a player or parent you need to know that your money is safe and will be used appropriately for a service that you deserve.

Now that Soccer Smart is accredited by the Athletic Scholarship Association, it means that we have to offer a minimum service level to each one of our players and abide by the industry standards set by the association. 


What Soccer Smart has to say:

We are very happy to have passed the industry standards, we had to submit all our agreements and terms and conditions so that we were worthy for accreditation. We have always known that we offer one of the best services in the industry and this now confirms that. There are many companies just like Soccer Smart out there, each one will tell you how different they are. The truth is we all offer the same opportunity, the only real difference is the level of service that you get for you money. We hope that parents and players wanting a trustworthy and honest company will do their due diligence and use a company accredited by the association, this is not only good for Soccer Smart but also good for the industry as a whole
— Soccer Smart

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