College Sport On The Up!

The NFL is without a doubt, the biggest of all US Sports. The whole college sport setup itself dwarfs other sports in the nation with coverage of it as in depth as we may see here in Britain with the Premier League. According to Sporting Intelligence, in 2015 the NFL’s 23 professional teams averaged over 68,000 fans per game with the top 30 college programs averaging even more at 81,000. This is staggering and if combined, would make it the highest attended sports league on Earth. Soccer scholarships in the USA are big business and at Soccer Smart we know all about this!

soccer scholarships usa

This level of popularity has allowed US colleges to create some of the most advanced facilities anywhere in the world which dozens of our Soccer Smart Athletes have been able to discover first hand during their time in the states. Take for example Sean Holmes, Danny Carroll and James Halpin who have excelled during their time out there! Dino James played summer league in front of 8000 fans which is something very few people get to do.

It’s not only the facilities that have been effected by the sizeable revenue of college sports with coaches and staff being paid huge salaries. The defensive coordinator at the University of Oregon has a reported $1.15 million annual salary package which is enough to hire 10 assistant professors! There are several college sport coaches around America with similar salaries to this. As you can see below, some coaches at this level are on absolutely staggering salaries which would rival coaches in premier divisions of other sports all around the world.

American Football coach salaries at college level.

The issue with all of this is that NCAA has a philosophy regarding amateurism and says…

“Amateur competition is a bedrock principle of college athletics. The collegiate model of sports, the young men and women competing on the field or court are students first, athletes second.”

It will certainly be interesting to see how far this rapid expansion goes and whether the NCAA will have to move away from their ethos in the coming years. College sport is certainly on the rise.

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Womens Soccer Scholarships USA

University of Montevallo 2014-2015 season

University of Montevallo 2014-2015 season

Womens Soccer Scholarships USA

Well it has been a fantastic start for our girls who have gone over to America and Canada. It is very early days but to know all the girls are having a fantastic time and also contributing to the teams they are playing for is great to hear.

With Soccer Smart taking time to really get to know the standard of football and the level of player required at the universities in America and Canada this has really helped us be successful in placing the right players with the right teams.

I want to take this time for you to think about what a Scholarship in America or Canada or even a placement in Australia for a year can do for your futures and careers. Having had the chance to play and live in another country for a period of four and half years, I have found that this has been fantastic in my individual development and given me the springboard I needed to be where I am now.  All that a student athlete or semi professional player will experience in the countries that we offer are invaluable. They will learn how to deal with good, bad and indifferent situations, they will gain confidence in themselves whether that be academically, on and off the football pitch (soccer pitch).

Having spent that time over there I know it was the best years of my life up to date. I lived with other student athletes that were from all over the world, and it gave me a chance to learn about different cultures, I made friends with people from different countries and for which I am entirely grateful.  I have been in contact with all the players that Soccer Smart sent out and the coaches have been really happy with them and also all the players are loving it.

 If you are reading this and thought ‘I would love to do that’ or ‘I wish I did that’ it isn’t too late, the opportunities to play abroad are for many different people and ages and this is something that Soccer Smart caters for. Soccer Smart demonstrates honesty, hard work, time, care, support and guidance to all our players. Each player is different that come through the doors of our office and we want to make sure that we provide the players/parents the relevant information and provide them with knowledge so that the players can make the right decision for them. We believe that anyone can achieve what they want to achieve given the right opportunity and experience, we are giving you exactly that.

The game for women’s soccer is getting bigger and bigger by the year and it is fantastic to see. One of our consultants Nicole Johnston spent several years at Everton Ladies FC before heading out to America for her Soccer Scholarship where she spent majority of her four years at a University in Alabama.  Since graduating in May 2015 Nicole came home and started with Soccer Smart straight away. It is fantastic for our company to have an ex female student athlete, who can help guide and support the female players we have on our programme. We want to progress our Women’s side as we believe that there are plenty of Women soccer players who have the ability to play out in America and Australia.

Nicole Johnston, US Student Athlete Graduate, Soccer Smart consultant

Nicole Johnston, US Student Athlete Graduate, Soccer Smart consultant

If you are aged 17-29, you are a keen footballer and you have the desire to travel do not hesitate to get in touch. We do have a couple of showcases coming up throughout the remainder of this year and we will have plenty more for 2016.

I look forward to the possibility of working with you and Soccer Smart cannot wait to provide you with the opportunities that all the members of the Soccer Smart team have had themselves.

Thanks for reading,

Chris Anderson (Head Consultant)