Thomas Farrington

You as a player: Centre back: I consider myself more of a ball playing centre back and always look for the pass through the lines to open teams up and give my team mates opportunities to turn and travel with the ball, I like to travel into the space if there is an opening there to put the opposing team under pressure and build momentum for my team, I enjoy the challenge of playing against different kind of attackers, working with my defenders to keep a good shape and line, giving out as much information as possible to each player to be in control at all times.

Winger: As a winger I like running at defenders and getting crosses into the box and also testing the keeper if there isn't options on, when the opposing full back has the ball I like to press high and get them to make mistakes by applying pressure, when my full back has the ball I like to get as wide as I can to create space for myself to get time to turn and progress up the pitch, I like to come inside if staying wide isn't an option and look for the final pass through to the attackers so they can get shots off and create that partnership that defenders hate playing against which can draw fouls and lead to attacking situations in and around the box

Striker: When I'm playing up top I like to get the ball to feet or over the top to test myself and have the confidence to get past the defenders and create space for myself into getting shots off and also linking up with players around me, I'm strong on the ball and can hold up play if needed to which can take pressure off my team, have that eye for the cute ball through to someone playing off me and also the play one two's with midfielders to play the ball over the top to turn defenders, I have a good strike on the ball so can shoot from distance testing the Keeper and also have that flair in and around the box to go for the tight finishes and have the ball control to keep hold of it under pressure by the defenders

Nationality: English

DOB: 1/1/1997

Previous Clubs: Stockport County
Stockport Town

Current Clubs: Stockport County
AFC Carnforth

Drivers License: Yes

Checkbox: GCSE, A Level, BTEC

Position: CB, LM, FW

Football Reference: Alan Lord

Football Reference Number: 07876335244

Character Reference: Jacci Cooper

Character Reference Number: 07810635483

Trials: Stockport county youth team inter game

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