You as a player: As a player, I feel as though my best qualities are my work ethic, resiliency, technique, vision, and composer. I have a superb work ethic because I work for each and every personal and team goal wholeheartedly. I am willing to put in the extra time to improve and succeed. If another player is on the field in my position, I can guarantee you that I will work ten times harder to win a ball, make a run and/or successfully make a pass. I have resiliency on and off the field. I constantly push through mental, physical and situational barriers in order to achieve what is expected of me. My focus is on the big picture and long term goals therefore, I do not allow small setbacks interfere with my ability to perform. I let these said setbacks instead motivate me to improve and move forward as a player. My technique is consistent and reliable. Specifically, my touch on the ball is at a professional level and it enables me to perform at a high level. Due to my technique as a player, I am able to carry out the speed of play that is required of a center midfielder. Vision is a key component to each soccer player and their ability to see the best and variety of options available on the field at all times. I have obtained this key component as a player. My awareness of my fellow players and myself enables me to constantly check my shoulders and other areas of the field of where the ball would best be placed. My last quality as a player is my composer during high intensity situations. As a center midfielder, I find that it is my responsibility to set the pace of the game and situation. I can easily diffuse a counter attack or mistake made by our team in order to regain composer and overall morale.

Nationality:  Mexican

DOB: 1/6/1996

Previous Clubs: AFC Mobile(GCPL)
Savannah Clovers (UPSL)
Middle GA State University(NAIA D1)

Current Clubs: Georgia Revolution Reserves(ADASL)

Drivers License: Yes

Qualifications: Undergraduate

Position:  CM

Football Reference: Scott Breckenridge

Football Reference Number: 4789734847

Character Reference: Anna Elliott

Character Reference Number: 3304205919

Tomas Lopez