Tom Beaney

You as a player: Firstly, I can assure you that i put 100 % effort in no matter where abouts I play on the pitch. I am most confident playing in center back as I have played here most of my life. I am 6,2 therefore I am able to win the aerial duels more often than not, I am also really good at tackling both standing and sliding and will always tackle firmly trying to win the ball fairly at all times. Due to the fact that I also have a background playing in center midfield, I am good with the ball at my feet and am able to distribute the ball from the back confidently and successfully. I enjoy doing the simple things as I know these are the most efficient skills and are what will help the team the most in my opinion. One of my weaknesses would probably be my pace. Although I am not the slowest player I find that most of the time the center forward is generally faster. Despite this I am able to read the game well and therefore get into a position where I am most likely to win the ball. 

In terms of me as a person I am a leader and am able to work well with my teammates and listen to them as well as trying to advise them. I was captain of my school team during the last two years and am currently captain of my college team. I am also coaching at the minute as this is something that interests me a lot. My coaching background enables me to communicate effectively with teammates and coaches as well as understanding tactics and different training practices more. The one thing I can guarantee is that I will be eager to learn and develop not only as a player but as a person giving 110% effort at training and in matches not just for myself but also more importantly adding to the team and contributing to the teams positive future.

SAT Result: Maths- 4 English language- 5 English literature- 4

Nationality: White, British

DOB: 7/23/2001

Previous Clubs: - Bury Amateur reds
- Swinton JFC
- Bury Allstars
- The football college (3rd team)
- Radcliffe town football club

Current Clubs: - The football college (2nd team)
- Prestwich Marauders Eagles

Drivers License: No

SAT: 950

Qualifications: GCSE

Academic Results (if you are going to America): Maths- 4
English language- 4
English literature- 5
Citizenship- C
Science B- D
Additional science B- C
ICT- level 1 pass
Media studies- B
Food technology- C
Physical education- Level 2 Merit
Spanish- C

Position: RB, CB, CM

Twitter: tbeaney8

Football Reference: Kyle Hall

Football Reference Number: 07710098730

Character Reference: Chris Hirst

Character Reference Number: 01616413863