This page is to assist you correctly with the process for Australia. It is very important that each stage is completed correctly.

You should only need to start the following steps when you have received and signed an offer from a club in Australia.

1. Complete your visa application

2. Get your FFA number

3. Book your flights

4. Book your insurance

5. Be sure to have enough back-up funds

Step 1:

Confirm the arrival date with your coach (I should have provided you with contact details already, if I haven't let me know)

Step 2:

Confirm the address in which you will be staying for the first 4 weeks with the coach

Step 3:

Contact Zach or Ryan regarding your FLIGHTS - VISA - INSURANCE (Soccer Smart would recommend a return flight) - 

Step 4:

Complete your FFA International Clearance IMMEDIATELY - If you do not do this then you can not play in Australia. Please see link for tutorial

Step 5:

On a weekly basis please complete the following link to update me on your process 

Step 6:

Create a currency account by clicking here to get cheap exchange rates, 8x cheaper than most banks CLICK HERE

Any problems? Call me on 01772 368129 or e-mail me.