This page is to assist you correctly with the process for Australia. It is very important that each stage is completed correctly.

You should only need to start the following steps when you have received and signed an offer from a club in Australia.

1. Complete your visa application

2. Get your FFA number

3. Book your flights

4. Book your insurance

5. Be sure to have enough back-up funds



Meet all the requirements for the Subclass 462 working holiday visa


Alongside booking your visa, ideally in the same day. Please start your international clearance. This can take upto 6 weeks and if you have not completed this then you will not be able to play until it has been granted. Follow the video for more information on completing this part of the process.


At this stage we would suggest you search for your own flights to find the most affordable cost for your budget. Once you have booked your flight you will need to inform Soccer Smart and the your coach of your departure and arrival date.


You will need to search your own insurance. You will likely be covered through your league for any on the pitch injuries but for anything outside of football you should search sufficient health insurance to cover your needs.


Refer back to the requirements of your visa and make sure you have sufficient funds to support your stay.


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When you have completed a stage of the process, it is incredibly important that you inform your consultant of your progress. You can do this here: