You as a player: Hard working, goal oriented individual. Want to help make a difference not only in the game of soccer, but the community I play in by passing on my knowledge and using my skill set to teach the younger generation about the sport. I am physically and mentally fit for the challenges that are faced on the soccer field. Always willing to learn new tactics and strategies to grow my knowledge of the game. As a defender we don't always get in the spot light, being a team player and playing my roll on the team is something I have always understood. I wouldn’t be the man I am without soccer. It has shown me teamwork on another level and given me a discipline to live by. Learning more about the game and the every changing world around it makes it a great way to connect with others and have something in common. I love learning about a new culture and community through soccer and what is brings.

SAT Result:

Nationality:  American

DOB: 2/19/1995

Current Clubs: West Virginia Alliance FC
Drivers License: Yes

Qualifications: Masters is Business Administration
Undergraduate in Sports Management

Position:  CB

Football Reference: Daniel Smee

Football Reference Number: 18593310979

Character Reference: Mike Griffin

Character Reference Number: 13049898065

Zachary Kuebler